Google Webmaster Tools

Webmaster Tools from Google “provides information and data about the sites you have added to your account. You can use this data to improve how search engines crawl and index your site’s content.” That’s the basic task for this tools application, as described by Google. But is there more to this than what we have become used to? The answer is “Yes, indeed!”

It’s all about the details, actually. For every individual search query the application provides more detailed information. In the past, a site’s pages were reported using average position. With updates introduced in the past year users can find the number of “impressions” and the “amount of clickthrough” for each position. Impressions are the instances that the site appeared in search results. Clickthrough measures the “number of times searchers clicked on that query’s search results.”

Two of the key details are:

  • When a site ranks for more than 100 queries there will be new buttons that allow Web managers to find out more details.
  • The Webmaster Tools now also generates charts and displays them in the report page. Query information can be isolated for a specific period of time as well.

The improvements should save time and money if used correctly.

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