Link Building: Art and Science

Good link building will help push a Web site to the top of popular search engines. The first step is identifying good sites and directories. Why is link building is so crucial to successful Web efforts? Because a successful online effort has to have a network of support. The network that can carry a Web site to the top is built with exposure to a specific group of people. Target audiences are the crucial factor for anyone considering directory submissions.

Assume you have a site that offers Product X and related services. A particular sector of the online population will go to search engines and use Product X or one of the related services as a keyword for their search. Having a Web site and its link at the top of the search engine when this target group searches is your goal. This could mean significant traffic to your site and consequently, significant income for you.

Link building is both a science and an art. There are proven ways to make these connections work without wasting a lot of time and money getting onto every list available. Search engines are important but that the process must be optimized. This means you have to do what it takes to make your site and your links available to the correct group of people.

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