Position SEO of a web page in WordPress

The SEO is a series of actions that aim to improve the position in which a page appears in Internet search engines such as Google. This position is achieved through a series of criteria that Google takes into account to rate the pages. This assessment is the one that discriminates in which position your website appears when a user searches for certain keywords. The work to improve that positioning takes into account the criteria used by Google, that is, what do you like best to put it on my website to appear in the first results? This is what SEO agencies work day after day to climb to the top positions or, if you already have the top spot, maintain it so that no competitor unexpectedly goes up. In this post, we tell you how WordPress can help you carry out a quality SEO strategy.

SEO positioning through WordPress

WordPress is a tool for editing and building web pages. You can edit all the content of your website from WordPress, that is, from the aspect of the website through themes to specific content such as text entries or pages. Since this platform allows you to edit the content of a web page, WordPress can help you with SEO positioning.

A good tool within WordPress for SEO positioning of your website is the installation of plugins. There are many free plugins and they are very useful. These allow you, among other functions, to analyze in real-time the SEO of entry or page that you are writing. In other words, they take into account aspects such as the general readability of your text for Internet users and Google. The content you generate for your page must be of quality and be written clearly and simply. Furthermore, this plugin can recommend other positive aspects for SEO such as internal and external links that contain the content you are going to publish. An example of these plugins is Yoast SEO that has a free version and a paid version. This tool allows you to edit the page title and the meta description of the entries on your website.

For the SEO strategy, it is essential to establish a series of keywords. An SEO strategy will focus on them. In addition, thanks to this positioning, when users search for those keywords, your website will appear in the first results. If you do not have any in mind, there are free payment tools on the internet. They analyze the content of your website and based on the most searched terms in Google, they recommend keywords to design your SEO strategy. You can also use your own search engine, so it will suggest the most searched terms on the net.

WordPress allows you to edit the URLs of your web page. These permalinks are highly relevant at the positioning level. If your URLs are of the type “www.example.com/p192” they will have a worse position than if they are like “www.example.com/keyword”. In other words, the URL must refer to the content separated by hyphens and it is highly recommended that it contain some of the keywords.

Nowadays, both for positioning and for the user experience on your website, your website must load quickly. Think about it, surely you yourself have gotten tired of waiting for a certain page to load when you browse the internet. As we are quite impatient, you should take into account the loading speed of your website. You have to avoid uploading large files like videos or large images on your page. If you want to upload a video it is much better to embed it from a YouTube video so that it takes up less space. There are many plugins that detect this content and help you compress it. In this way, the content of your website will load faster and Internet users will consult your content more easily. The same will happen with Google bots. These are the eyes of Google on the internet and will make you in a better position.

Another aspect to consider in terms of positioning is the SEO of images and multimedia content. You have to take care of the properties of the images that you upload to your website. This will like Google more and, consequently, will better position your website. WordPress allows you to modify the ALT and title tags of your photos. Remember that these attributes must contain a description of the photo and the content must be related to the entry that contains it. It is also recommended that you have a keyword that you are working on for SEO positioning.

SEO positioning of web pages

There are many aspects to take into account to position web pages apart from those we have told you about. These guidelines can be followed perfectly from WordPress, making it a very useful tool to create quality content on your website. From SEO squared we design an SEO strategy regardless of how you build the content for your website. We are WordPress experts, therefore, we know all the tools provided by this platform to build quality and well-positioned content.

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