SEO Moves- PPC Management-Profit Per Click (PPC) Solution

Intelligent. Hands-Free. Pure Profit.

50-100% increase in conversions and cost of conversions cut in half. Every click is now profitable.

SEO Moves 'Profit Per Click' Solution is revolutionary. Clients are seeing 50-100% increase in conversions and cost of conversion cut in half. This algorithmic software (SEO Moves 'Profit Per Click') creates, manages and optimizes your Google Ad Words campaign with sophistication unattainable by humans. It is the epitome of efficiency, reducing the spend per conversion while increasing the amount of conversions on every client across the board. You can now eliminate PPC failures such as wasted expensive clicks and not enough sales to pay for it. PPC Solution produces only profitable campaigns, seamlessly without tedious hands-on management.


Why is it different?

In a nutshell: Conversion based bidding. Fully automated management. Constantly evolving campaigns. The software is an artificial intelligence that utilizes a sophisticated algorithm to process the large amount of data it gathers daily-data such as keywords that convert, most effective ad copy, times of day, days of the week, most efficient cost per click, natural search terms. It processes this data, combined with the amount you are willing to spend on a conversion or sale, then produces and fine tunes a campaign from a purely profitable position. You control what you pay per sale, lead, or conversion. Your results are more conversions, more impressions, smarter clicks, lower cost-per-click. Your resulting campaign is leaner and meaner than an office full of human manual PPC managers could ever create.


But I really don't have time to start using a new system from scratch…

Getting started is surprisingly easy, no time consuming set up or learning curve. All we need from you is your Google Ad Words account number (found in the upper right hand corner of your account page) and we will send you an invitation for MMC account access (which is a low level access to your Google Ad Words account). We'll run a complete PPC campaign audit with SEO Moves 'Profit Per Click' , and set up a smarter campaign in your account, leaving it paused. We will then email you the PPC audit with our outline for a new starting place. Unpause the new campaign when you're ready and watch the results. Start today and be making more money by next week. The only thing for you to manage from this point forward is your Ad Words ad copy and landing pages.

The 6 Magic Optimizations PPC Solution Performs:

1. Self adjusting Campaigns

Tracks conversions then self-adjusts the bid amounts based upon the keyword, time of day, conversion rate, costs you input, position of the ads within the PPC, and the versions of the ad copy.

2. Opportunistic Bids

Watches for trends then acts on opportunities when certain times of day a click is cheaper or has driven you more conversions.

3. Keyword Development

Harvests additional keywords based upon natural search traffic that converts, and adds them to your campaign. Stops keywords that do not convert, or that do not convert economically, based upon the parameters set up.

4. Budgeting

Divides your budget into sections based upon budget per keyword, performance of each keyword, and odds of getting a conversion based upon the information aggregated over time.

5. Profit Reinvesting

Figures your profit based on the gross sales margin you provide, and reinvests the percentage you designate back into the campaign.

6. Conversion based

everything is monitored and adjusted based on profitable conversions, in business this is by far the single most important aspect of any PPC campaign.

Client's Testimonial

“I now have complete control over my Google Adwords account. It feels great to rest assured that every click I get through PPC is profitable”

Shawn O’brien

Selby Acoustics

“The transition into the SEO Moves campaigns took no effort on my part, and I quickly realized my worries were gone…all I need to focus on today is Ad Copy and Landing page optimization, this does everything else for me”

Brad Lindenberg

“70% reduction in conversion costs and 3 times as many leads. This software rocks.”

Gareth Parkin


“It seems too good to be true, but not only am I seeing more leads on the same spend, I am spending just about no time managing the campaign. It’s paid for itself 5x over.”

Rich Martinez

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