SEO positioning for a paint company

Omega is a company dedicated to the production of paints in Melbourne. Within this sector, they have focused on the manufacture of paints, coatings, and chemicals for the sector of car repainting, industrial painting, industrial vehicles, and protection of urban furniture. In addition, they have designed a system, the Omega’s Mix, which allows customers to easily create their own colors.

This company wanted to get the first positions in different search engines like Google. After knowing their needs, we got down to work to design this company a personalized SEO strategy adapted to their business. Next, we tell you the key points of this SEO campaign.

SEO campaign for a painting company

The first thing we do, both for this and other cases, is to carry out a study of keywords. To carry out this study, we take into account both user search trends, the sector the company is in, and the needs of the company. In this example, a strategy located in Victoria was followed, more specifically in the autonomous community of Melbourne, since the company has its headquarters in Melbourne.

Once the keywords that would be the objective of the SEO strategy were established, we established a list of actions to carry out, such as:

  • We optimize the company’s website based on the keywords of the study.
  • H1, H2, and ALT tags were optimized to target those keywords.
  • Quality content has been written for your website. This content is focused on the keywords that have been chosen in the previous study.
  • In addition, external links have been obtained from other web pages to the company’s website.
  • Writing news and press releases in national print media.
  • Promotion of the content created on their official social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram …

Thanks to these actions, Omega has managed to improve the positioning for organic searches of these keywords. As a consequence, the website’s leads have increased and its profits have increased. The next action to take is to continue generating quality content. SEO is a constant job that must be carried out periodically, because, otherwise, competitors can raise positions, in turn making this website descend positions. We are also considering new keywords to position the website. In this way, more users are reached and allow the number of visits to the website to be increased.

Thank you Omega for entrusting us with the SEO positioning of your website. From Seo Moves we continue working to maintain the top positions in Google.

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