SEO positioning for luxury real estate

Belle Property is an Australian consultancy firm that has specialized in consulting and marketing in the real estate market . They have focused mainly on the Madrid and Barcelona areas. Its team of professionals are specialized in various areas with 50 years of experience.

They wanted to consolidate their presence on the internet and have an SEO strategy that would allow them to distinguish themselves from their competitors in the real estate sector. From SEO squared, as SEO consulting , we have been in charge of carrying out an SEO strategy that allows them to maintain the first positions of the keywords in which they were well positioned and improve the positioning of other keywords. Next, we tell you the details of this SEO strategy.

  • The first thing we do as an SEO positioning company is a study of the keywords of the company’s website . We analyze the keywords on which they have focused and have better positions in search engines such as Google. We also propose others in which they can easily move up positions.
  • With this study of keywords, we design an SEO strategy based on a series of actions distributed evenly over time.
  • We focus on keywords that allow the website to be positioned in the Madrid and Barcelona area . Therefore, many of the keywords in the strategy contain these sites within them.
  • We have written quality content for your website . This content would allow the website to move up in the ranking of organic searches on Google. Writing SEO articles is one of the practices that makes this search engine value the pages better. To do this, you must take care of the H1, H2 and ALT tags of the articles that are uploaded to the blog.
  • We got appearances on other web pages .
  • The web page of the site has been optimized for the keywords defined above.
  • Writing articles and press releases in national print media mentioning this company.
  • Management of all the main social networks of the company. By publishing the content of the web on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, we achieve visibility and dissemination of the new content. In this way, an increase in traffic to the corporate website is achieved .
  • Creation of internal and external links: this quality makes the content that is published more valuable in the eyes of Google and, therefore, values ​​it better for different keywords.
  • After a while, the results are evaluated using SEO tools . These data allow us to see how the strategy has gone and redefine objectives and deadlines.

These actions are aimed at improving the positioning of the company’s website . In this way, it appears earlier in organic searches and manages to increase conversions and the number of visits . However, even if the first positions in Google for keywords are achieved, these practices cannot be abandoned. Different competitors can rise in positions and make the SEO positioning of our website worse. As a consequence, you have to constantly work on quality content on a regular basis.

consultancy specialized in positioning of this type can achieve a greater appearance in the searches carried out by users. These carry out specific searches and there will be more possibilities that they become fixed clients.

Thank you Belle Property for all the trust placed! We continue to work side by side to maintain the best search engine positions.

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