The best SEO extensions for Google Chrome

In this post we are going to show you how you can improve performance in your job as an SEO consultant.

In our sessions we see how many times we waste time seeing, for example, the indexability of URLs, the implementation of tags … And if something characterizes a good SEO specialist, it is efficiency and speed when solving problems. This largely depends on the tools you use. Therefore, below, we show you the best SEO extensions for Google Chrome that will be very useful:

  1. Tag Assistant . This extension is essential when measuring. Analytics is very important in Digital Marketing since if we do not measure the results, we do not know what and how to improve it. Before, Tag Assistant only allowed us to see if the tags were installed correctly, but today we can make more complete configurations (show tag lists, implementation error reports, suggest corrections …)
  2. See RobotsAs for crawling and indexing, we highlight this tool. With it we will know if our website is in index / no-index or follow / nofollow at a glance. It is very visual, since if everything is correct, that is, in index / follow, it will appear in green and Google will give us the approval in its tracking. Otherwise, it will appear in red, which indicates that we are not indexed and, therefore, we will not appear in Google.
  3. In terms of content, we wanted to include SEO Meta in 1 Click. In a single glance, we can see the title tag, the keywords, description, URL, the canonical tag if it had it, see if it is index / follow or not, the author tag, and, in addition, social media metatags so that when sharing content appear.
  4. Extract People also search for phrases on Google. This extension is useful for when we are short of ideas in keywords to put in an entry. Its mechanism is very intuitive since when you perform a search on Google, a search box appears on the right side with other similar phrases that users search for. Therefore, we can say by way of conclusion, that it serves to draw new ideas to optimize our costs and improve the web.
  5. Web Developer. With it, we can disable JavaScript, mark all the images that do or do not have the “alt” and, in addition, mark in red those that do not. Also, it quickly shows us the dimensions of all the images.

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