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SEO Moves, Inc. is a full service, professional internet marketing firm that specializes in growing website traffic through higher search rankings and keyword development. We pride ourselves on our personalised service for our business partners, and because we take such interest in every aspect of our clients' campaign we have a limit to how many clients we will manage. We want to get to know a client and to make sure that we are the right fit for each other. Our specialty is discovering the often overlooked issues for sites that have leveled off in their SEO results.



He brings 10+ years experience in web development, ecommerce, and internet marketing to SEO Moves. John has been actively involved in the search engine optimization efforts of more then 100 websites of which nearly all of these website reside on page one in the natural search results for the vast majority of their most valued keywords in some of the most competitive industries online. He has been in the trenches directly and understands what motivates a site owner. His obsessive personality works to the client's benefit as his passion fuels his desire for success. His aggressive approach is motivating, his intuition for SEO is fine-tuned, and his knack for link building is unparalleled. He has been published in books, numerous international trade magazines, featured in the Wall Street Journal, sat on boards of trade associations, and has been a spokesperson for Fortune 100 corporations including MSN, Microsoft, EBay and Amazon at several internet marketing industry events.


She has been in the eCommerce and internet marketing industry for 10+ years. Her experience includes executive secretary to an international online trade organization. Julie has been interviewed and quoted in several industry websites and industry blogs. Her organizational skills and detail oriented nature keep the entire SEO process streamlined. She has a natural talent for on site attributes and organization, and her previous experience in web design provides a balance between user friendly sites and SEO friendly site architecture. Julie has become a master at link building and understands what search engines value. She is religious about following internet marketing forums, events, and the latest in SEO services and strategies; this consistently updated knowledge is your key to staying ahead of the SEO curve.

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Director Asia Pacific, Responsible for all activities in the Asian Pacific Region, Phil is an ecommerce and internet marketing expert with more than 10 years online marketing experience. His areas of specialty are in social media and buzz marketing, Pay Per Click management and search engine optimization.


Vice President Europe, Based in the UK, Gareth is an internet marketing veteran with more than 10 years online marketing experience. He is renowned in the UK for building successful multi-million pound internet based businesses from the ground up and catapulting them into the spot light. He specialises in all aspects of search engine optimisation and marketing, both on site and off site. Gareth has 24/7 work ethic and has a natural drive and passion for success.


Administrator and Off- Site Specialist, focusing on hands-on link building, link trading and creating link sourcing, plus project management and communication. Jen also serves as the company catch all, managing diverse aspects of our projects. Officially our first employee, she possesses abilities reaching across all areas of business.


SEO programmer, Bob brings 10+ years programming experience. He handles all back end website development, database, PHP, and software development. His technical knowledge is vast, and he is an expert at Java programming.


Lead Content Creation. Carol creates a wealth of SEO friendly content for sites and blogs, plus on-site and off-site optimization. An efficient researcher, she is capable of rapidly becoming fluent on any business and writing content from a position of authority.

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