Writing blog content: does it help SEO?

The SEO positioning is a complicated task to accomplish. To do this, you must have a defined strategy that encompasses different areas. Thanks to these actions, a website can reach the top positions of the organic results of online search engines . Appearing in these searches is key to increase traffic to a website through keywords. These keywords are what the SEO strategy focuses on and are the words that users search for. In those searches they are where the web page would ideally appear. In other articles we told you about the SEO strategy of a secretarial company . However, in this post we focus on one area of ​​SEO management: content writing for the blog..

Writing articles for SEO

The criteria that Google uses to locate a web page in one position or another for a certain search for some keywords are some such as appearance on other websites, loading time of the web page or the responsive design of the page. This last idea refers to whether the design of the web page is adapted to the device that the user uses.

There are other types of criteria to determine the positioning in organic searches in Google: the writing of SEO articles . The idea is to generate content for the page, usually for the blog. This content can be articles or create specific pages. Ideally, this content is optimized for these keywords . For example, if we have an online delicatessen website and have set “buy chope online” as a keyword, we should write articles and blog posts such as “nutritional values ​​of chope” or “benefits of eating chope for children”.

Generating this type of content will make Google look favorably on a certain website, positioning it better in organic searches. However, it is not worth publishing any content. These items must be of quality . That is, they must be lexically correct, without misspellings and be original content. By original content, we mean unduplicated content . There should be no duplication of this information either on your website or on any content on the website.

The content of these articles should include photographs with the ALT tags correctly created for the keywords, H1 and H2 containing the keywords, external links (from other quality and reliable websites) and internal (from the website itself). Thanks to these guidelines, this content will be of quality and will improve the positioning of the website. You must take care of the title and the meta description of each page of the site. These two fields should ideally contain the keywords defined in the initial strategy.

As for the length of these articles, it should be something in between . In this case it is not “the more the better”. It is necessary to maintain a homogeneous length of the articles that are uploaded to the blog. It is better to upload two 600 word articles than to post a 1,200 word post on one occasion. The length of the articles must be greater than 300 words and less than 2,000, always taking into account the criteria that we have exposed you previously.

It is best to publish content on a regular basis . Even if you write a lot of content in a week, your best bet is to schedule those posts to run over time. If you have four articles written, it is recommended that you distribute them throughout the month.

SEO positioning company for writing articles

Generating content to improve SEO positioning is not an easy task. You can hire an SEO consultancy to be in charge of writing these articles . From SEO squared, we can take care of generating that content. We have a team of SEO consultants who will take your page to the best positions in organic searches. Check our SEO rates and start optimizing your page today.

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